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3 Effective Methods To Renew Your Driver’s License in Indianapolis

IndianapolisCarInsuranceAside from getting auto insurance in Indianapolis, it is also important to be aware of the process of renewing driving licenses and the rule and regulations that comes with it. After the expiration of your driving license, it must be renewed within 60 days since it is a mandatory law of the state for every driver to hold a valid license. For its renewal process, there are 3 methods that could be done to go through it.

One method to renew your driving license in Indianapolis is through the internet. You could check its validity based on the date provided and review your driving record for free. There are also criteria to be qualified for online renewal. Your license must not be expired yet or suspended, no further testing or medical clarifications needed, no name and address changes and must be under 70 years old and a U.S. citizen, within twelve months of the renewal date, the previous photo is still on file, and must not have any restrictions such as consistent traffic valuations, DMV restrictions, medical conditions, etc. All you will need are your personal details and SS number.

An advantage of renewing your license online is that it can be done even if you are away from the state or if your license is lost or stolen. Once you are qualified for the requirements mentioned above, you can also request for 30 days extension from the day of the license expiration. If you are in military service, your extension sums up to 90 days after being discharged.

You can also do it through postal mail facility if it expires within 60 days, less than 69 years of age, not under driving probation or suspension, if the previous renewals have been made twice in a row. You are also eligible if the mail has a renewal notice along with the required renewal fee. If the renewal noticed has not been received, follow it up by completing the DMV’s Driver License Renewal by Mail Eligibility Information form.

Another way to do the renewal is in person. Just bring your current license to the license agency, provide your SS number, at least two documents as proof of residency and lawful status, vision screening test, written exam if your license has been expired for more than 180 days, driving test in Indianapolis for expired license of more than 3 years, and payment or renewal fee.

The payment of renewal fee is as follows:

Six-year for $21

Three-year for ages 75 to 85 for $11

Two-year for ages 85 and older for $7

If in probationary, $16

For replacement, $10

It is also recommended to update your driving skills if you are planning to renew your license. This could help you improve yourself as a driver and be more aware of the traffic rules that must be followed while possibly reducing your premiums of auto insurance in Indianapolis.

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