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9 Simple Tips On Reducing Students’ Auto Insurance Premium

Teenagers are not easy to deal with. They are rebellious, highly volatile and very vulnerable. These qualities are signs of immaturity and the actions they take are not very responsible. Due to this, insurance companies think teenager drivers are highly risky on the road. One factor is that teenagers are easily distracted on the road through untimely use of cell phones and being aggressive. Even with passing the driving school with high marks, insurance companies would continue to see them as high-risk clients.

There are some simple ways for parents by which the premium of your teenage driver’s car insurance policy in Indianapolis can be reduced.

1.            Let your adolescent driver carry a safe car. You must not give in even if he or she throws a tantrum about not owning a convertible. A minivan or a Chevy is seen to be a safer car than a sports car. This will not attract much premium on the car and hence will be lighter on your pocket.

2.            Install as many safety features in the car as possible. Good quality seat belts, anti-theft alarms, etc. are some of the features that must be available before your child sets out to drive. Even though you might have to spend some money on these features, you will get to see that the amount spent would be much lower than what you would have to pay as premium without them.

3.            Buy your child his own insurance policy. This will instil a sense of responsibility to feel the need keeping up his driving record. This would also lower the burden on your family insurance plan as there’s no need to pay for a very high premium. In case your child gets into trouble for violating the traffic rules, the rise in premium in your child’s policy will not affect your policy at all.

4.            If your child is a good student, use it to your advantage. Most companies offer a student discount to people who have good grades as they view them to be responsible, dedicated and sincere. Encourage your child to be good at school tests and assignments. For college students, GPA above 3.0 is acceptable to lower the car insurance premium in Indianapolis.

5.            Buy your car insurance from the same company that provides your home or family’s other insurances as companies would try to lower your car insurance premium by clubbing them together. Be a loyal customer and expect a reduction on your car premium by almost 25%.

6.            Instil in your child the need to be a responsible driver. A responsible driver is someone who has little or no tickets to his name and has never been responsible for an accident in 3 years. Once the insurance company perceives that your child is responsible enough, then they would lessen the premium for the 4th year.

7.            As your child matures as a driver every year, the insurance premium is also decreasing. The premium for the policy of a 16 year old will be vastly different from the premium that a 23 year old is paying for his or her insurance.

8.            Ask your child to undertake driving courses even after finishing driving school. There are certain courses available online as well.  The duration of the course is mostly an hour and skills are tested through a simulated road on the PC. Most insurance companies of the state recognise this certificate and it costs for around $50 only. Undertaking course for alcohol awareness to is also relevant. Insurance companies recognise this to be an attempt at becoming a responsible driver.

9.            Before deciding to renew the car insurance under the same policy provider, do look around for auto insurance quotes in Indianapolis. You might encounter a policy that offers a lower premium rate. You have to make sufficient enquiries into this policy in case you decide to buy it.

Even though insurance for students are quite high, there are certain ways by which you can reduce them without sacrificing the coverage provided or raising the deductibles.

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