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Important Ideas to Acknowledge When Getting Hardship License in Indianapolis

CarInsuranceINIndianapolisINLike the other states, Indiana is very strict for DUI and DWI offenses. If your BAC is found to be 0.08% (for drivers under the age of 21, the limiting amount is 0.01%), your license can be suspended and you may be penalized up to $1,000. The Indianapolis DMV can suspend your license from 90 days to 2 years.

Once the trial is over and already suffered jail time or community service, getting your license back must be the next main concern. To start with, you have to show proof of insurance which is the SR22 certificate. This insurance is meant for high risk drivers and very few companies are willing to offer it. You will have to spend around $250 for this SR22 and $55 for license reissue fee. Having a lawyer by your side will help you reduce your sentence speed up the retrieval of your license.

Nevertheless, you can ask for a hardship license in Indiana. This is a special license granted for you to drive around to essential places like school, work, court proceedings and medical appointments. If you wish to apply for a hardship license, all you have to do is contact a lawyer since this kind of application is not available in the courtroom. You have to file a petition that would compel the original prosecutor of the case to appear in the court. The court does not offer help on what and how you should write out applications. You can do this by yourself or through a lawyer. There are references available in law books to help you draft this.

Once the 30 days passed from suspension of your license, you can apply for your new  in  hardship license. During this period, you have to be completely free from drugs and alcohol. For this, you have to undergo a urine test. If you pass the test, you have to submit the report to the court on your date of hearing for approval. You also have to show proof of insurance and pay the required fees to get your license back. The hardship license will cost you for around $130 according to the 2010 statistical data from Indianapolis DMV.

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