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Punishments and Penalties for DUI/DWI Violations According to Indianapolis DMV Laws

AutoInsuranceInIndianapolisquoteWhenever someone is found driving while intoxicated or drunk, they cannot be penalized hastily. Law enforcement such as police officers has to check the driver for blood alcohol concentration level first. The legal limit for alcohol when driving is 0.8% for drivers above 21 years of age in a non-commercial vehicle, 0.4% for ages 21 and above in a commercial vehicle, and 0.2% for drivers aged below 21. If the result is higher than the legal limit, they can then be penalized with punishments and penalties they are entitled to. It also depends on the number of times it has been done under the DUI laws in Indianapolis for 10 years as its washout period.

The tests, a police could run once a driver was caught, are preferred as chemical tests. Chemical tests are of various types, but mandated as part of the Indianapolis drunk driving law. These include breath, urine and blood tests. These will determine a person’s blood alcohol concentration levels and are implemented throughout Indianapolis.

The state of Indiana has an implied consent law. This means that a driver has to submit with the supervision of a police or any law enforcement to chemical testing. If not, he is subjected for IN implied consent law offense. The penalties and punishments for violating this include imprisonment for a minimum of 5 days for second offense and 10 days for third offense with a fine decided by the court.

How to avoid violating the IN implied consent law offense and keep your blood alcohol concentration levels under the legal limit is simple. Don’t drive while drunk or intoxicated by any influential substances. Better stay in one place and take a rest until you are ready enough to be on the road.

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