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In a place like the United States, being drunk is no big deal. Everyone gets drunk on holidays, birthdays, or simply just for fun. What people do not understand is that they should never drive while they are drunk or influenced by illegal substances. If they do that, there can be severe consequences. Whenever a driver is found under the influence of drugs while behind the wheels, a series of tests are taken to determine their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). These tests are the key to know if he is breaking DWI or DUI laws or not. If they are found guilty, they are subjected for punishments and penalties. This now depends on the BAC level and number of offense. Here is a simple chart to know the legal limit for different ages according to the Indianapolis DMV laws.

BAC levels chart-

Here are the blood alcohol concentrations permitted to the following respective groups.

Adult (aged 21 or above) in a non-commercial vehicle:                              0.8%

Teenager (aged below 21) in a non-commercial vehicle:                            0.2%

Adult (aged 21 or above) in a commercial vehicle:                                       0.4%

These are the standard blood alcohol levels in Indianapolis. Exceeding these limits will entitle you to the punishment and penalties of breaking the DUI or DWI laws.

If your BAC levels exceed the levels given above according to your age, you have completely offended the DUI or DWI laws in the state of Indianapolis. In addition, a driver will have to face more severe consequences if he is found driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .15% or more. Besides, the more times you have offended the DUI or DWI laws in one washout period (a standard 10 years in Indianapolis), the worse the punishment will be.

Related laws for these cases in the United States are referred to as the driving under influence laws in Indianapolis. For more information and queries regarding the DUI laws in Indianapolis, you can visit the Indianapolis DMV website or the nearest DMV to your area.

How many drinks does it take to get legally drunk?

This depends solely on factors like body fat concentration, any medications taken by the person drinking, weight and gender. Girls are seen to get drunk faster than boys. Then it still varies from person to person based on their characteristics. In this case, you should use an accurate BAC calculator, which processes your characteristics and information to tell you your alcohol tolerance.

How the law enforcement determines if you are drunk or not?

Law enforcement departments like the police use different methods and tests to determine a person’s blood alcohol concentration. One of the tests is the chemical test. If a person refuses to take a chemical test, he can be charged with a 1 year license suspension for the first offense, a 2 year license suspension for the second offense and the same period of license suspension for the third time since it is an implied consent law violation. For the first and second offenses, 5-10 days of imprisonment can be declared by the law.

Punishment and penalties- 1st offense

If you offend the Indianapolis DUI laws for the first time, you may be entitled by some or all of the punishments and penalties stated below. Having a blood alcohol level above the legal limit will cause you to offend the DUI laws in Indianapolis.

Punishments and penalties:

•             A 60 days period in jail

•             A fine of up to $500

•             A 2 year license suspension

•             Probation for about 2 years

•             Court fee of up to $300

A class C misdemeanor is also imposed on the offender found drunk while driving.

Punishment and penalties – 2nd offense

If a person offends the DUI laws for the second time in their washout period (10 years of the first offense), they may be entitled to the following punishments and penalties.

Punishments and penalties:

•             Jail- a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 3 years.

•             A fine of up to $10,000

•             License suspension from 3 months to 3 years

•             Probation for up to 2 years

A class D felony is also imposed.

Punishment and penalties – 3rd attempt

If one is offended the DUI laws in Indianapolis for a 3rd time in their washout period, the following punishments and penalties can be imposed on them.

Punishments and penalties:

•             Jail, for 10 days up to 3 years

•             If one is judged as a habitual offender of the law, additional punishments and penalties may be imposed

•             A fine of up to $10,000

•             License suspension for a period of 1 year up to 10 years

•             Probation for up to 2 years

Additional punishments and penalties:

Some additional punishments and penalties include:

•             Community service

•             Implication of ignition interlock device

•             Victim impact panel

•             Substance abuse classes and seminars

•             Urine testing

If a person is found to have a BAC of .15% or more, a fine of up to $5,000 and jail of up to 1 year can be implied in the first attempt.

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