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The Consequences of Not Paying The Car Insurance Premium

Whenever one buys auto insurance in Indianapolis, they are walked through and given all the information about the process of payment for their services. This method is known as “insurance premium” or simply premium. It binds the customer to pay a certain amount of money to the insurance company. The insurance premium covers the insurance for the whole year. The customer will receive a notice about their premiums with a temporary statement that covers the vehicle insurance for the next 7 days. It is the standard condition among the insurance companies until the consumer would be able to pay his bill.

In case of mishap or accident will take place in within the 7 days with the vehicle in temporary insured, the burden will be covered by the company. When there’s a failure of payment within the given period without a valid reason for extension, their auto insurance will be cancelled and will no longer be covered by the IN auto insurance company.

It’s really hard driving with the fear of being involved in an accident. This is why auto insurance is essential. Without it or being unable to pay for it within 7 days of temporary insurance, the company will no longer take responsibility of the damages. Not paying the car insurance premiums in Indianapolis on time can lead to a lot of disturbances and to a huge burden on the people if involved in an accident.

The consequences described and listed above are according to the rules of auto insurance in Indianapolis. You can search for the updated laws concerning it online or compare auto insurance quotes in Indianapolis by entering your area ZIP postal code at the top of this page. Know what auto insurance that would help you protected in case of accidents or traffic violations that suit our needs.