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How Violations Could Complicate Your Car Insurance in Indianapolis

DUI accidents are perhaps the worst kind of accident to deal with as a driver. It stains your credibility as a safe driver that makes you a high risk client for insurance policies. If you have been caught with your BAC around 0.01% (0.08% in case of drivers above 21) then your license can be confiscated with a heavy fine to pay. It is mandatory to make a court appearance for your trial and sentencing.

Car insurance in Indianapolis might be the one we can turn in case of accidents but not for DUI and DWI convictions. Companies perceive DUI convicts to be high risk customers and they do not want to increase the chances of pulling out money than necessary.

Depending on the policy acquired, you could also be given coverage in DWI in IN and DUI violations. If you are found to be guilty, your policy could pay out and cover all possible damages to both your vehicle and of the third party. In case the third party is found to be guilty, the opposing party’s insurance policy could pay for the damage cast of the accident. Even with this, suing the opposite party is still possible with the insurance company willing to pay for the legal fees.

Under DWI offense, filing for reimbursement is more difficult under collision coverage since there is a party who made the offense. This is why collision coverage is not applicable for DWI incidents in Indianapolis. As for Comprehensive coverage, it can only be claimed if the car was damaged due to theft, vandalism or natural calamities. Thus, making claims are also impossible.

Once the case is settled and the payment was made, your insurance company may double the amount of your premium. So, if you were paying $1500 insurance premium initially, it could amount to $3000 as you annual insurance payment. Your company may even go to the extent of cancelling your policy.

Once the proper verdict for violating the laws concerning DWI cases with you found guilty, consequences could be being imprisoned for 6 months or performing community service. As a community servant, as long as you are being responsible and receive a letter from the community service head, you can get some discount for the new policy you signed up for. But for the meantime, you have to apply for the SR 22 insurance policy to get your license back.

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